Wednesday, 12 October 2011

17 Magnetized Nail Polish Tutorial

Here it a tutorial of the new 17 magnetized nail polish its so easy to do and i love the effect it gives your nails :)


  1. Wow I have to try that nail varnish :) Looks amazing.

    Your nails look really nice btw How did you get them so long? Xx (I'm an ex biter and growing mine)

  2. @claire louise thanks hun ive only got long nails on one of my hands lol the other hand is terrible there so short. ive not done nothing to them to get them long its strange really because ive never been able to grow my nail's ever but for some strange reason there growing nicely :)

  3. Looks amazing, i keep hearing really good things about this nail polish! great vid :)

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. I need to try this nail polish :)
    Lucy x

  5. Wow this is so cool, I definitely need to get me some of this! xxx

  6. Thanks for following! cool blog I am now following :)

  7. Now I am happy!!!
    I've been looking for these nail polishes for a loooong time!!!

    Thanks for the tips=)
    Will buy them tomorrow hahaha



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