Monday, 26 September 2011


Here are a few bits i got over the weekend.

Top from Primark £16 when i saw this i just had to have it i love it :)

New hat £8 from select

Hehe i love it!!

Tangle Teezer from Boots £11.99 its a bit pricey but wow i love this brush its in my eyes the best brush ever made go's though the hair with no tagging or pulling on your hair plus leaves your hair sooo shiney. I wish this brush was about when i was younger i used to hate my mum brushing my hair it used to hurt :( so if you have any kids that hate there hair being brushed go and get one on these :) well worth the money.

Models Own Nail Art Pen boots £6.00

Models Own Nail Polish in Mystic Mauve Boots £5.00

17 magnetized nail polish £5.99 from boots.
Ive been dying to try this i think is so cool how does what it does i got mine in green its just amazing it go's on really well you only need one coat.

Rimmel  Extra Wow Lash (lash building mascara) boots £5.49

Here is is with two coats its really nice and lenghens my lashes .

Rimmel lipstick in the Kate Moss Range £5.49 each

This is in shade 03

Here is shade 03 on the back of my hand.

Shade 08

Shade 08 on my hand.
Im loving these lipsticks there so moisterising on your lips and they smell amazing like bubble gum and have good staying power :)


  1. I really need to try that Tangle Teezer! :)

  2. Is that a new mascara then from rimmel? I need to try the models own nail art pen still! And those 17 nail polishes are gorgeous.
    Lucy x

  3. @lucyylou no the mascara from rimmel has been out for a while hunni x

  4. I reeeeally want a Tangle Teezer :( they're so funky as well!
    The hat is so cute haha love those hats with animal ears! Winter clothing should be cute and girly :)

  5. i deffo need a tangle teezer!!! i used my sisters the other day & there absolutely brill!!! Think they are well worth the money & small enough to carry round too :)

    Stacey x

  6. I bought that jumper from Primark too!
    I'm so annoyed I went into Boots on Sat to get the new 17 polishes but they wouldn't sell me any because they weren't on the shelves!!!! grrrrr xx

  7. @cara Robinson the jumper is lovely isn't it I love mine :) grrr if they had the nail polish there I can't see why they did not let you buy :( x

  8. Great haul :) I wanna try the Kate Moss lipsticks! xx

  9. i always love your hauls and you have not let me down today xx

    my blog :

    Lauren x

  10. Nice top :)
    Love the models own nail polish
    I just got a tangel teezer as a present off my fiancé and I love it yours is a nice colour :) xx

  11. I tried that leopard hat on yesterday, I love it! Not sure why I didn't buy it, I might have to go back when it's a bit colder, it's so cute xxx

  12. Lovin the hat it looks so cosy.

  13. I really want Models Own Mystic Mauve! Can you do some swatches of it?


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