Monday, 19 September 2011


Hi all i hope you have all had a fab weekend ? Here is a mini haul of the things i got over the weekend.
First i got this lovely holey jumper from primark for £12 in this lovely burnt brown colour.

It looks for brown in this pic but it is a burnt brown colour.

Then i got these two :)

Im sure you have all seen this as there has been a lot of hype about this Garnier B.B. Cream on blog posts and on you tube.
I was unsure about this due to my skin type its very sensitive and dry so i thought this might not work for my skin. But i took the plunge and brought it all i can say is WOW im loving it i got mine in light.

Here is what the light looks like.

And this is what it looks like rubbed in.
What is says on the box:
Introducing the miracle skin perfector, inspired by the latest asian skincare sensation that has already hit hollywood : b.b. (Blemish Balm) creams!
Discover our all-in-one skincare solution that immediately perfects your skin. The light non-greasy formula gives an even skin tone with a healthy glow, blurs imperfections and redness, smoothes the apppearance of fine lines, hydrates for 24hours and helps protect with spf 15.
The only thing is that no where on the box does it tell you how to use it !! do you use it under moisteriser or not !!
As ive said ive dry skin so i tried this without moisteriser first and it made my skin look even dryer :(
 So i washed it all and cleansed and then moisterised then apply this bb crean and wow my skin looked amazing and so soft and looked so healthy with a glow and the coverage was great covered my redness realy well. Im so pleased this this bb cream atm ive only used it twice so i will use it for a month and give you a better review then but at the moment im so glad i tried this :)
This is £7.99 Atm in superdrug.

The nxt thing i got was this Andrea Fulerton Gemstone Overcoat
i got this in superdrug 5.5ml bottle for £4.99.
What it says on the box: Enhance the look of your nail varnish colour with this beautiful jewel effect topcoat taking varnish from day to night with dazzling shiny gem like particles.

I dont think my pic's realy show it very good :( but this is it on top of orange nail varnish.

And here it is over lilac nail varnish as ive said my pic's dont show how amazing this looks at all i love the way it looks so pretty i thought it had glitter in it but its like foil bits in it i love it and it's so easy to remove unlike glitter nail varnish that is sooo hard to remove .


  1. I've bought that jumper and love it! Tempted to buy the bb cream aswell :S xx

  2. love that overcoat :)


  3. I got that BB cream for my mam today and i'm hoping she won't like it so i can steal it!! ;) haha love that gemstone overcoat, i've got similar one from Barry M :)

  4. L-O-V-E that jumper! gonna see if primark still stock it:)

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