Tuesday, 30 August 2011


While i was in superdrug the other day i just had to make sure the new sleek nude collection was not in there and i could not believe it the whole new nude collection was in there it was not ment to be out till Aug 31st so i just had to snap them up :) here they are .....................

Here is the nude collection pallet called Au naturel

This is what it looks like out of the box i wished it had the same as the pretty box :(

Hre are all the colours

There are not a lot of pigmented colours in this pallet but all the colours are lovely

I am very impressed with this pallet i love it :)

Hre is the pout polish its called bare minimum

Hre is the colour its a little tinted but not as much as i thought it was gonna be but it is a lovely lip conditioner but im not too keen on the taste :(

This is the blush its called suede.

It looks a bit brown here but in real life it's more of a peachy brown colour.

Im so impressed with this blusher its such a pretty colour im loving it.
All in all i love the blusher and the pallet but im not too keen on the lip pout due to the way it tastes.

Prices all from superdrug ................................
Sleek pallet is £6.49
Sleek pout polish £4.29
Sleek blush £4.29.


  1. love this collection! would love to get the blusher! x

  2. I think i'm going to get the natural pallette!... was wondering if its any good as in does it stay on for long? :) xx

  3. @Mariella yes the colours are wonderfull and they do stay on for a long time. went clubbing with the shadows on and they stayed all night x x


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